Congratulations, you have successfully taken the first steps towards founding your new company. After the management and the domicile were determined you are ready to go. If you need additional members for the management or the domicile address to be able to found a company, we will make them available to you and accompany you with regular meetings to ensure that the framework conditions are met and risks are recognized at an early stage. Security in Switzerland comes at a price that is rewarded by stability and scalability in the market.


For the foundation, a bank account is needed in Switzerland where you can pay the foundation capital. This can now also be done in Bitcoin in the form of a contribution in kind. Opening a bank account is not always easy depending on the business model and requires a lot of experience in dealing with the institutions with the many regulatory requirements. Our auditors can also do all the preparatory work for you and develop the right strategy with you.


Insurance and licenses that are required for proper operation are often a book with many question marks. Our close cooperation with the authorities and self-regulatory organizations allows us to oversee this process in an uncomplicated manner. There is no shortcut here and it takes time to do everything properly. We take this time and make sure that nothing is missing by the time you start to conquer the market.